Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Lookout Window Cleaners offers safe and effective solar panel cleaning for commercial and residential clients. Only clean solar panels can deliver full energy, so periodic cleaning is important to produce and deliver the most energy to your grid. In some areas, dust and dirt can impact the performance of solar panels by up to 40%!

Lookout Windows Cleaners is a leading local provider of solar panel cleaning services including: steam cleaning, environmentally-friendly cleaning, hand scrubbing and debris removal, including snow, pests, trash and bird nests.

Solar Panel Cleaners

Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Lookout Window Cleaners offers many services to keep your solar panels clean and working at peak performance. We can perform many types of system cleanings, including low pressure spray cleaning; environmentally-friendly cleaning with organic solutions, low volume water and water containment; steam cleaning under certain circumstances, and hand scrubbing.

We will also remove debris including: bird nests, trash and pests, and perform basic landscaping that includes cutting back tree branches away from your solar panels.

Solar Panel Cleaning

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Rain alone is not enough to clean your solar panels, just as it is not enough to clean your vehicle. Professional cleaning of your solar panels ensures they function at their peak level of performance. Count on Lookout Window Cleaners to remove dust, grime and bird droppings that can drop power efficiency. Our technicians are trained, licensed and insured with the experience and expertise necessary to clean your solar panels without causing damage.

If your solar panels look dusty or grimy, call the experts at Lookout Window Cleaners today to schedule a cleaning.

Solar Window Washing

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