Hard Water Removal Window Cleaning Service

Hard Water Removal Window Cleaning Service

No matter where you live, hard water is a common issue in the United States that can leave stubborn spots on windows, cars and more. Hard water spots on windows are often caused by water from a sprinkler hitting the window, and they can be very difficult to remove by hand. Bathroom and kitchen windows are also a common site for water spots. Lookout Window Cleaners offers professional hard water removal and window cleaning to get your windows shining bright again.

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What is Hard Water?

Hard water has minerals like calcium, magnesium and more. When "hard" water comes in contact with glass, it forms water spots. Hard water forms when water percolates through deposits of limestone, chalk or something else. While hard water does not hurt us, it can hurt glass.

These hard water spots can actually cause irreversible damage to windows. Why? Because glass is porous and corrosion will occur. If this happens, chemical treatments may help, or it may be necessary to grind and polish the glass or even replace it.

Hard Water Window Spots

Professional Hard Water Spot Removal

Are your beautiful windows marred by unsightly hard water stains? Contact the experts at Lookout Window Cleaners for professional window washing that will restore a flawless shine to your windows.

Hard Water Removal

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