FAQ About Professional Window Cleaning

A professional window cleaner is licensed, insured and experienced -- but it goes much farther than that. A professional will exceed minimum requirements with expert training and knowledge that produces a superior result without damaging your property.
Windows that are not maintained will stay dirty permanently. Not cleaning your windows can even cause damage, especially from hard water spots, which may require replacement.
Our window cleaners will focus on getting the glass clean and spotless, but they will also vacuum the tracks, scrub the frames and sills and give you perfect results.
Yes! We have a process to remove paint, varnish, concrete, stucco, caulk and much more from glass without causing scratches or damage. This process does take longer as it is considered construction cleanup.
We can provide window cleaning monthly, quarterly, every few months or once a year. It all depends on how often you want to have your windows cleaned. Most of our customers prefer a once-a-season cleaning, although it is best to have your windows cleaned at least once a year to avoid a build-up of dirt and water stains that can cause oxidation.
Because it usually does not rain all day, we ask that you allow us to clean the inside of your windows first. If the rain stops by the time we are done, we will clean the outsides. If not, we may need to come back. We guarantee there will be no spots from rain on your windows for at least 48 hours after we have cleaned them.
Our technicians frequently clean tinted windows. We do not use harmful cleaning products with ammonia or agents that can damage the tint, nor do we use anything abrasive to clean tinted glass.
Yes! Our technicians can rescreen your window screens or clean your existing screens to restore a brand new appearance to your windows. When you schedule your appointment, let us know that you would like rescreening service at the same time as window cleaning.
Yes, we will provide an estimate for window cleaning. We can give you an estimate from the outside by looking at the number and type of windows you have. We will give you a call with our free estimate.

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