Construction Clean Up Window Cleaning Service

Construction Clean Up Window Cleaning Service

Only hire an experienced and professional window cleaner for construction clean up! Lookout Window Cleaners offers specialized construction cleanup services. We are fully bonded and ensured with the expertise to do the job right without causing damage. Once the clean-up is complete, your glass will be prepared for regular window cleaning service.

Construction window cleaning requires removing many types of construction debris from glass, including concrete, paint, stucco, plaster, texture, mortar, tape and silicone. Do not allow just anyone to attempt this job, as it is a challenge to remove debris without scratching the glass when it is not performed correctly.

Construction Clean Up

Is a Razor Scraper the Right Tool For Post Construction Window Cleaning?

Razor scrapers are the most popular tool to remove construction debris without scratching glass, but they are not appropriate in all cases. Razor scrapers have limited use on concrete and heavy plaster, and there are times when a razor blade should not be used. For example, tempered glass can have a manufacturing flaw on one side that can cause scratching. You can trust that our experts will always use the appropriate tool for the job, whether it is razor scraping, chemicals to remove debris or soap.

Construction Window Cleanup

Hire the Right Experts for Post Construction Window Cleaning

Post-construction cleanup of interior and exterior windows is the most likely job to be performed improperly when done by unskilled labor. Unfortunately, we often see general contractors and owners who hire the wrong company to perform this very delicate operation.

Contact Lookout Window Cleaners to do what it takes to make your new windows beautiful without causing any damage.

Post Construction Window Cleaning

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